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C, C++, Java, SQL, PHP, Python, Javascript, C#, ASP, Perl, x86 Assembly, Windows, Linux, VxWorks


Visual Studio.Net, Visual C++, WIN32 API, MFC, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, ODBC, ATL, COM, ActiveX, HTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, Flash, SQL Server, MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook), Tornado, Keil C compiler, 8051 microprocessors, AMD Elan processor, TCP/IP, Client/Server, Windows NT Services, SSH, Apache, FTP



December 1995

BS in Computer Science


IDENTICARD, a division of Brady Corporation, Lancaster, PA

4/2011 - 5/2020

Software Program Manager

C#, SQL, TFS, Jenkins, Objective-C, Mobile iOS development

Lead and managed a team of software developers. Implemented new workflow processes to improve reliability of software builds.

Initiated new project to improve upon and replace existing legacy products.

Oversaw and helped develop iOS mobile application to extend functionality of legacy client server appliation into the mobile space.

Added significant new features and functionality to legacy product. Maintained and diagnosed legacy product and customer issues. Integrated legacy product with various third party SDKs.

GEODECISIONS, a division of Gannett Fleming, Inc., Camp Hill, PA

9/2008 - 10/2009

Senior Developer

Delivered custom-built software solutions using Java, .NET (C# and VB.Net), SQL and ESRI technologies. Front ends built using HTML, Javascript, Dojo. Backends built using Java, VB.Net, Spring for .Net.

Conducted in-house training sessions for junior developers and interns; covered topics such as Advanced Object Oriented Programming, Test Driven Development, Application Architecture and Design, and Effective Troubleshooting Techniques.

Assisted in the introduction of test-driven development practices using JUnit and NUnit, code coverage using NCover and Cobertura, acceptance and regression testing using FitNesse, and integrated builds using CruiseControl (for Java and .NET), significantly reducing the amount of time spent debugging and testing code.

MAPQUEST, Lancaster, PA

4/2007 - 5/2008

Software Engineer

Assigned as part of the core services team which included Mapping, Geocoding, and Traffic Services.

Responsible for the design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance of the MapQuest Traffic Conditions Service which provides users with a translucent color-coded map overlay representing current traffic conditions for over 85 metropolitan areas, as well as real-time accident and construction notifications helping to generate over 186,000 unique page views in its first day of operation. This service was implemented using Java, Tomcat, Apache and Python.

Served as a member of the MapQuest Tiled Mapping Team within the Core Services group assisting in the development and maintenance of tiled map generation and caching services, which required the support of legacy C/C++ code, as well as development of new applications using J2SE/Java Servlets

Developed automatic Quality Assurance (QA) testing tools for verifying tiled map data integrity; incorporated image color analysis algorithms to determine map and satellite image quality. Utilized JUnit and Fitnesse for automated testing, Cruise Control for automated builds, Subversion for version control, Cobertura for Java code coverage analysis.

CIBER, INC., Mechanicsburg, PA

9/2006 - 4/2007


Software development at the Department of Health in Harrisburg, PA.

Assisted in the development of a web based tobacco enforcement tracking system utilizing and a SQL Server database.


10/2004 - 9/2005

Manhiem Auto Auction - Custom auction light controll application (C++)

Manheim Auto Auction - Custom audio playback software (C++, MFC)

Data Recovery - Recovered data from corrupt image files

Risk Placement - ASP Web development


5/1996 - 10/2004

Senior Software Engineer

Led software design and development team on IDentiPASS 9000 panel client software including: defining application requirements, designing application architecture, coding, testing, production roll-out and version management. Developed advanced firmware for IDenticard's 9000 series access control panel. Led development on ACM series access control panel. Independently developed Centurion access control panel firmware. Developed 32 bit Windows program for identification card design and printing. (C++, ODBC, SQL, C, assembly)


9/1991 - 12/1992

Computer Lab Attendant and Co-Creator of the Tele-robotic Observatory

Adapted Windows/DOS software for SnapPlus board to Linux. Developed C++ video-capture routine. Developed code to control various tele-robotic devices (VCR, Video Switcher, Pan Tilt Units) from a web-based interface. Received sponsorship from Autodesk, Cellular One, Corel, Forte Virtual Reality and other companies. (C++, Linux)


summers 1992 - 1995

Computer Software Engineer

Developed sound card and modem testing software. Created Windows AVI driver for SnapPlus card. Wrote radio card control program for Windows. Wrote file conversion utility for CAD software. Developed initial Windows software for SnapPlus VLB. Wrote PCMCIA point enabler for modem test software. Assisted writing installation software for PnP modem. Created Plug and Play point enabler for modem. (C,C++)

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